Does Not Compute

Does Not Compute is a weekly podcast about the lives and workflows of two indie web app developers.

New episodes every Tuesday.

  • 233: All my things are broken

    Sean talks about SideDoor's official launch, getting mad at his technology, and plans for it going forward. Rockwell discusses SAX XML parsing and using Notion as a public knowledge base.

  • 231: Solve it From the Inside

    Sean and Rockwell discuss the woes of bulk data imports, human problems vs. code problems, Windows as a development environment, the VS Code Remote plugin, and instilling fear into tennis balls.

  • 229: 4K Rolly-Cart

    Sean and Rockwell ruminate on WWDC hardware and software announcements, deploying applications on Dokku and Netlify, and walking the fine line between bike-shedding and productivity.

  • 228: Pluggier and Playier

    Sean and Rockwell talk about SideDoor's looming launch date, Ruby Encoder on the Raspberry Pi, deploying Phoenix applications on DigitalOcean, and the new HEY e-mail service.

  • 227: React? It's Fine.

    Sean and Rockwell discuss modern tooling and techniques for React and Redux. Other topics include wrangling spreadsheets for import, Statamic 3, more on the Second Brain, and Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

  • 226: It's Still Valuable

    Rockwell wraps up the ham radio contest saga for the summer, Sean talks about picking React back up for a job interview, and then they follow up on how the Second Brain has helped their development processes.

  • 224: Evidence That You're Building Something

    Sean and Rockwell share their strategies for coping with stress and burnout, what it's like to live-stream and where that whole thing is headed, announcements from Microsoft Build, and the correct pronunciation of "Nevada".

  • 223: Two Hours a Week

    Sean and Rockwell talk about the Coronavirus time warp, first impressions on learning Python, advancing side projects with manageable chunks of time, and de-stressing with video games.

  • 222: Deep Sigh

    Sean and Rockwell talk about Sean's shifting role within his company, dealing with high-maintenance customers, developing Swagger Open API specifications, and an important PSA for summer.