Does Not Compute
  • 239: Decisions in Service of the Customer

    Sean tells us more about his new job: agile methodologies, some new tech to learn, job responsibilities, and Watson taking his Zoom-meeting spotlight. Rockwell provides updates on his Nuxt-powered homepage and revamping a 20-year-old project.

  • 238: Foot-Gun Issues

    Sean and Rockwell talk at about Sean easing into his new job, TypeScript, building a simple static site with Nuxt, and why you shouldn't always bet on JavaScript.

  • 237: Engineering Lead

    Sean and Rockwell talk about vacation backlog, Sean's new job (!!!), transitioning to the new position, a retrospective of his time at DK, and learning new skills through spaced repetition.

  • 236: Thomas Eckert

    Friend of the show Thomas Eckert joins Sean to talk about Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) at Microsoft, a side gig with some persistence problems, keeping creative goals in mind when surveying new tech, and some casual nuclear science.

  • 235: Desire Paths

    Sean and Rockwell talk about working during natural disasters, keeping your team on the same page, dealing with support and feedback, what makes a good boss, and different styles of job interviews.

  • 234: A Different Pile of Hacks

    Sean and Rockwell shares war stories from the launch of SideDoor, Laravel features like caching and collections, and comparing Laravel to other web development ecosystems.

  • 233: All my things are broken

    Sean talks about SideDoor's official launch, getting mad at his technology, and plans for it going forward. Rockwell discusses SAX XML parsing and using Notion as a public knowledge base.

  • 231: Solve it From the Inside

    Sean and Rockwell discuss the woes of bulk data imports, human problems vs. code problems, Windows as a development environment, the VS Code Remote plugin, and instilling fear into tennis balls.

  • 229: 4K Rolly-Cart

    Sean and Rockwell ruminate on WWDC hardware and software announcements, deploying applications on Dokku and Netlify, and walking the fine line between bike-shedding and productivity.

  • 228: Pluggier and Playier

    Sean and Rockwell talk about SideDoor's looming launch date, Ruby Encoder on the Raspberry Pi, deploying Phoenix applications on DigitalOcean, and the new HEY e-mail service.