Does Not Compute
  • 03: Massive Proliferation of Tools

    In the 3rd episode of Does Not Compute, Sean and Paul discuss being just plain worn out, and how burnout is a real thing that happens to everyone, and what to do if it's happening to you. They also talk about how you don't need to know everything to be a good programmer, and how it's important to get to you the tools that you use instead of switching to every new fad.

  • 02: Component Is Just A Fancy Word For Class

    In the second episode of Does Not Compute, Sean and Paul discuss different options for managing image assets within a Rails app, Sean's favorite new way to package a rails app for deploying to production, and how you might not even need to build a Single Page Application with all of those fancy (and expensive) new tools.

  • 01: There's Always Paypal

    In this episode of Does Not Compute, Sean and Paul discuss how not to use magic numbers in programming, how you can and should lint your code, utilizing slack communities for instant feedback from others, how asking questions is one of the best ways to learn to program, and how a technique called time boxing can help you focus your time and be more productive.

  • 00: Pilot

    This is a test episode to get everything set up in iTunes and get RSS feed running smoothly. Until that happens though, you can listen to Sean and Paul talk about Javascript frameworks such as Vue and react, Web Components, and an experimental site navigation called Zoomable UI.