Does Not Compute
  • 14: Time For The Talk...

    In episode 14 of Does Not Compute, Sean and Paul talk about testing your JavaScript (the how's and when's), Paul's new imgix open source JavaScript tools Luminous & Drift, and ES6 as compared to Coffeescript.

  • 13: Frogs on Lily Pads

    In episode 13 of Does Not Compute, Sean and Paul talk about simple CSS grids, SVG vs. Gif and SVG accessibility, SVG vs. icon fonts, and a pretty awesome js based csv parsing tool called Papa Parse.

  • 12: MacGyver Programming

    In episode 12 of Does Not Compute, Sean and Paul talk about Adobe Generator, 5 Active Record tips, Flexbox and CSS Calc for layout, and web accessibility basics.

  • 11: Focused Down Learning

    In episode 11 of Does Not Compute, Sean and Paul talk about remote development setups via DigitalOcean and Coda, Javascript Closures and Promises, and how to be productive while learning new things.

  • 10: Doing One Simple Thing Really Really Well

    In episode 10 of Does Not Compute, Paul and Sean talk about learning from your past code mistakes, Ruby 2.3 and POROs in Rails, Programming Idioms, and how simplifying down your methods often leads to cleaner, more readable code.

  • 09: A Trip Down Memory Lane

    In episode 9 of Does Not Compute, Sean and Paul talk about how having empathy toward clients can help you stay motivated on long running projects, a few install tips for installing SSL on your servers, and how choosing convention over configuration can lead to greater productivity for you and your team.

  • 08: Know Your Toolset

    In episode 8 of Does Not Compute, Sean and Paul talk about how to manage legacy data migrations safely with Rails, Metaprogramming in Ruby, and the difference in knowing the tools that you choose and being dependent on those tools.

  • 07: Syntactical Sugar

    In episode 7, Sean and Paul talk how developers can benefit directly by investing some time into learning design, Rails ActiveSupport::Concerns and Plain Old Ruby Objects, and how to deal with mental fatigue.

  • 06: Programming Street Smarts

    In episode 6 of Does Not Compute, Sean and Paul talk about programmer over-engineering, cowboy programmers, and the duct tape programmer. Also in today's discussion are the new Vue.js devtools, and how Drew Wilson built a mac app over night to scratch an itch.

  • 05: Learn To Learn

    In episode 5, Sean and Paul discuss a very helpful article entitled 10 tips for young programmers, how to use active model serializers in rails, and how to deal with programmer frustration.

  • 04: Setting Foundations

    In episode 4 of Does Not Compute, Sean & Paul talk about how to break down a new technique or idea into something manageable while on a deadline, how using keyboard shortcuts can significantly increase productivity, and how code is for people, not computers.

  • 03: Massive Proliferation of Tools

    In the 3rd episode of Does Not Compute, Sean and Paul discuss being just plain worn out, and how burnout is a real thing that happens to everyone, and what to do if it's happening to you. They also talk about how you don't need to know everything to be a good programmer, and how it's important to get to you the tools that you use instead of switching to every new fad.