Does Not Compute
  • 215: Furniture, Living Room, Chair

    Sean and Rockwell talk about the realities of working from home, implementing recursive structures with Postgres features like Common Table Expressions and Materialized Paths, and convincing Rockwell to start playing Minecraft again.

  • 214: Minimal Work for Maximum Gain

    Sean and Rockwell discuss the Pomodoro technique, (re-)writing a billing system from scratch, some more practical applications of LiveView, and using gradual technological improvements to concretely advance your business.

  • 213: Upswing on the Sine Wave

    Sean and Rockwell discuss code organization for front-end applications, leveling up in SQL development, and a baby Rustacean's first impressions.

  • 212: Tailwind UI

    Sean and Rockwell give their first impressions on the Tailwind UI Early Access: the value proposition, how it jives with existing tooling, and its impact the web front-end development scene.

  • 211: Jason Lengstorf

    Jason Lengstorf of Netlify joins Sean to discuss problem-solving tips, work-life balance, impostor syndrome, Twitch streaming, and learning to grow your skillset by working a little outside your comfort zone.

  • 210: You Don't Need the Kitchen Sink

    Sean and Rockwell talk about two new greenfield projects they've been working on, leveraging Tailwind and Vue to create customizable, reusable form components, Netlify deploys, and the new Oban UI beta.

  • 209: Too Much For One Person

    Sean and Rockwell discuss LiveView ups and downs, iOS development woes, scaling your application's archecture for solo/small teams, and unsolicited beef jerky.

  • 208: Jetbrains Journey

    Sean and Rockwell follow up on a dying MacBook Pro, reminisce about gaming, share productivity tips, and walk through Sean's JetBrains journey to rediscover the enjoyment of coding.

  • 207: Greg Schier, Creator of Insomnia

    Insomnia creator Greg Schier join Sean to talk about Go, how side projects are important to developer happiness, maintaining positive habits, and becoming a supple leopard.

  • 206: A New Slab of Aluminium

    Sean and Rockwell talk about using Domain Driven Design to decouple the procedures for keeping Design Kollective's Elasticseach store in sync, the challenge of following programming patterns to the letter, and Rockwell's new Macbook Pro.

  • 205: Hindsight is Worth Fifty Cents

    In episode 205 of Does Not Compute, Sean and Rockwell discuss their goals for 2020 and how they plan to achieve them. They also talk about keystone habits as learned in the book The Power of Habit, learning Go (lang), and recovering from burnout.

  • 204: 2019 Year-End Review

    In episode 204 of Does Not Compute, Sean and Rockwell look back at this year's achievements and struggles, and plans for the next decade.